My name is Johannes Vüllers and I am a Senior Researcher and Privatdozent (PD) at the Institute for Development and Peace, University Duisburg-Essen

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New publication on Dutch criminal justice system

“From detection to sentencing: A homicide case flow analysis of the Dutch criminal justice system” (with Marieke Liem & Pauline Aarten) is now published in Policing and Society (open access)(

New publication on revolutions and constitutional crisis

“Revolutions and constitutional crisis” is now published in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. (

New publication on protests against Pegida

“Does counter-mobilization contain right-wing populist movements? Evidence from Germany” is now published online first in European Journal of Political Research (open access). (

Veröffentlichungen im Rahmen des Friedensgutachtens

In einigen Publikationen sind erschienen zum Kapitel im Friedensgutachten und dem Friedensgutachten insgesamt.

Neue Veröffentlichung zu Massenprotesten

Ich habe das Kapitel Nachhaltiger Frieden in diesjährigem Friedensgutachten koordiniert. Das Kapitel “Protestbewegungen, politische Umbrüche und Gewaltrisiken” gibt es hier.

New publication on protests in civil wars

“Raise your voices! Civilian protest in civil wars” is now published online first in Political Geography (