Religion: Peace and Conflict


Religion is of great importance for our understanding of today’s conflicts. My research investigates the role of religious organizations in civil wars and the role of religion for the prevention or the de-escalation of violent conflicts.

Related publications:

2016 (with Matthias Basedau, Birte Pfeiffer): Bad Religion? Religion, Collective Action, and the Onset of Armed Conflict in Developing Countries, Journal of Conflict Resolution 60: 3, 226-255.

2015 (with Alexander De Juan, Jan H. Pierskalla): The Pacifying Effects of Local Religious Institutions: An Analysis of Communal Violence in Indonesia, Political Research Quarterly 68: 2, 211-224.

2015 (with Birte Pfeiffer, Matthias Basedau): Measuring the Ambivalence of Religion: Introducing the Religion and Conflict in Developing Countries (RCDC) Dataset, International Interactions 41: 5, 857-881.


Religion and Conflict in Developing Countries (RCDC) (see


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