Introduction to International Administration and Conflict Management: 2017/18 (University of Konstanz, MA)

Colloquium: 2017/18 (University of Konstanz, BA and MA)

International Organizations and Global Governance: 2017 (University of Mannheim, BA)

Contentious Politics and Social Movements: 2017 (University of Konstanz, BA), 2016 (University of Konstanz, MA)

Nonviolent Resistance: 2016/17 (University of Konstanz, MA/PhD), 2015  (University of Konstanz, MA)

Religion and Conflict: 2017/18 2017 (University of Konstanz, MA/PhD), (University of Konstanz, BA), 2011 (University of Hamburg, BA)

Religion – Resource of Mobilization, Conflict Factor and Cause for Peace: 2015 (University of Konstanz, MA)

Data Sources in Political Science: 2015/16 (University of Konstanz, BA/MA)

Data Sources in Peace and Conflict Studies: 2016/17 (University of Konstanz, BA)

Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies: 2016 (University of Konstanz, BA)

State Capacity: Conceptual and Empirical Challenges: 2015/16 (University of Konstanz, MA), 2017 (University of Mannheim, BA)

Power-Sharing in Post-Conflict Situations: 2013 (University of Hamburg, BA)

Violent Conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa: 2012/13, 2011/12, 2009/10 (Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy, University of Hamburg, MA)

Mediation in Civil Wars: 2012 (University of Hamburg, BA)